Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This is my mom at age four. She was an only child, and lost her parents while quite young. She looks very happy in this picture. Knowing now how her life would turn out made it quite melancholy to paint.

My folks did a great job raising us kids. Did they make mistakes? Sure. Same ones I swore I wouldn't make ( and did) when I became a parent. But the love and support was always there. They always supported my hobbies, whether it was model building, drawing, whatever. My mom helped me build and paint model kits, taught me how to play solitaire, and baked a theme cake for each one of us on our birthday. I remember once she did this awesome Jack Kirby face of Captain America in icing on a cake for me. I cut that section out and kept it in the freezer for years!! She helped me build and paint a model kit featuring the Banana Splits who were my favorite characters at that time. Then she made a cake and put them on it as decorations!! It was awesome.

A few years after my father retired, mom suffered several strokes. She still knows who I am, but can't live without assistance. I've prayed for a miracle for her for years. Maybe the miracle was all those wonderful years that I had with her, and still do. Her birthday is April Fool's day!!
Happy birthday, mom. Thanks for everything!!

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