Sunday, March 21, 2010

Staci Sleeping

When both my children were little I took a lot of photos of them sleeping. Some of these photos have been used as reference for paintings. They just looked so peaceful and lovely when they were asleep. Safe, and protected from the ugliness that the world sometimes is.

I remember taking the photo that was the basis for this painting. My wife and both girls had been attending a local fair with rides and games. Staci got tired early so she was returned to the house so the others could enjoy the rest of the fair. I laid Staci down on the couch and covered her up. She just naturally assumed this pose, and I photographed her. She looked so tranquil.

As I painted the blanket over her, it became apparent to me that I was painting it in the manner of Jeffrey Jones. People may not agree with this, but that's how I see it. I have been a fan of Jeffrey's work for almost forty years. You could easily spend forty years getting lost in Jeffrey's work. The brushwork, the color choice, the design, all of it is just right. Barbarians, beautiful women, dinosaurs, mermaids all color Jones' world. You can see for your self here.

So whether I meant to or not, I would like to think in some way I was painting a tribute to Jeffrey's art, to in some small way repay the debt I owe for all the years of inspiration, and enjoyment her art has brought me.

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