Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tales from the Morgue

I haven't done many small press comics, but enjoyed the ones I was part of. One of these was Tales from the Morgue. It was created by a guy named Ken Leach. He was trying to do something in the vein of the EC comics, or those classic DC House of Mystery type magazines. It was an opportunity for me to scratch my "Berni Wrightson itch". I wanted to draw and ink like Berni so *bad* back then. His stuff was just wonderful! Moody, dark and those gorgeous brushstrokes! What's not to like?

This should have taught me what Frank Frazetta always preached: never try to be someone you're not. You end up being a bad copy of whoever you're trying to emulate. I guess I can always just call this style a "tribute" to Berni. Isn't that a graceful way to cover up the truth?

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