Tuesday, March 16, 2010


For some reason I've always had a great love of trees. When we were kids we had three climbing trees in our side yard, and we made good use of them. I've always felt a great sense of peace when surrounded by trees. My favorite character in Lord of the Rings was Treebeard. The idea that the oldest race of species on earth (or Middle Earth) are the Ents is a wonderful thought. Even in the Bible, when Jesus is curing a blind man, He asks him what he sees. The man replies that he saw "men as trees, walking." I have no idea if this was what gave Professor Tolkien the idea for the Ents, but it's fun to speculate. Rush did a great song called The Trees, and gave a lesson for humanity as well.

When my mother first had a stroke, for some reason when we would go for rides in the car she would often comment about the trees. I never knew why. All this just enforces my fascination with trees, and especially the dappled light that only trees can form. I was trying to capture some of this in this painting. I took a photograph of the Three Sisters, a group of trees at a nature preserve that are over 550 years old!! It's rather ironic looking back, that the way I painted this you can only see two of the trees. One of them fell in 2008.


  1. Fellow-Buckeye, that reminds me of Home...

    (Where are these Sisters?)

    -Craig W.

  2. Sugarcreek Preserve, Craig.