Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wolf Man

The Wolf Man has always been one of my favorite Universal Monsters. Partly due to the acting talents of Lon Chaney Jr. His pathos in dealing with his curse evoked sympathy in me. I've painted him many times over the years, ever since I was ten years old!

I saw the recent Wolfman film, and it just didn't have the charm of the original 1941 version. The gore didn't appeal to me, and the acting (except for Anthony Hopkins) just didn't thrill me. Maybe it's the nostalga factor, maybe it's just that the earlier version was a better film. Who knows?

This particular portrait was done as a commission for musician Keith LuBrant. Keith is a very talented artist who has had his music placed in many television shows. I'm sure you've probably heard his work but didn't know it was him! You'll be seeing more of my work that was commissioned by Keith in days to come.

For more about Keith LuBrant, you can click here.

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