Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wolf Man

Out of all the classic Universal Monsters, I think I've painted Lon Chaney as the Wolf Man more than any other character. I've been painting him since I was in my teens, and still haven't tired of him. Maybe it's because out of all the monsters, he really didn't like being who he was. Dracula seemed to enjoy the power he had over mere mortals. The Frankenstein monster did elicit sympathy because of his loneliness, but Larry Talbot just wanted a break from turning into a blood thirsty animal every full moon.

Lon Chaney Jr portrayed Talbot with much pathos, and you really felt for his character. While you thrilled to see him run through the forest, you also rooted for him to find a way to break the curse, or at least I did. Chaney, Karloff and Lugosi never got their due in their time, but how many actors created iconic characters whose exploits are celebrated sixty, seventy years after their first appearances?

Hats off to make up wizard Jack Pierce, who created the visages of these monsters, but moreso to the folks who brought them to life!!