Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fat Freddy's Cat

When I was in college I discovered underground comics. Some of these were great, some not so great. The ones with Rick Griffin art in them were amazing. One series I really enjoyed was the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers by Gilbert Shelton. A sub series of this was Fat Freddy's Cat. I've never owned a cat, but have known several people who do. If any of them had a cat like Fat Freddy's, I might have got one.

Also in college I started trying my hand at sculpting. I mainly did comic characters like Cheech Wizard, Cerebus, Hal from the Bookie Parlor, (lol!!), etc... Most of these I gave away to friends as gifts. The only one I kept was Fat Freddy's Cat. When my wife and I were dating we would go to Phil Man's, and load up on FFC comics and read them at the drive-in before the film started.

I wonder whatever became of the Freak Brothers....


  1. Splendid! Spot on too, though it reminds me also of the '70s Zagreb short cartoon series Maxi Kat.

    Love it!

  2. Oh, and as for what has become of them?


    Fat Freddy's Cat's in it too!

  3. Will this ever get made? I saw this a couple of years ago and honestly forgot all about it!! This and the Harry Nilsson movie that has been completed by never distributed!!

  4. LOVED that strip (and I wasn't even a druggie guy!)


  5. F Frederick Skitty lives!
    Thats a great little piece. It even catches Shelton's style.