Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eddie the Waiter

One of my hobbies is collecting and listening to old time radio programs. One of my favorite comedy shows was entitled "Duffy's Tavern". Ed Gardner starred as Archie, the proprietor, and Eddie Green starred as Eddie the waiter. Archie was the dreamer who acted like he knew everything, Eddie was always there to bring him back to reality.

It's a shame, but a lot of the actors and actresses who appeared in radio are mostly forgotten. Try to do an internet search on Eddie Green and you'll see what I mean. I thought he did an excellent job in the portrayal of Eddie. Eddie was always trying to get in line to see his girlfriend, trying to make ends meet on his waiter's salary, and trying to talk some common sense into Archie when he needed it.

There was a movie made of Duffy's Tavern in 1945 where you can watch the characters as opposed to just listening to them. It had a lot of stars from that era, but overall didn't really capture the charm of the radio show. When Eddie Green passed away the radio show suddenly wasn't as funny as it had been with him. By the time Duffy's made it to television he probably would have made the show a lot better than it was. I would have liked to have been able to see him try.


  1. BIG old time radio fan, and big time Duffy's Tavern fan. WONDERFUL likeness and capture of his character.
    On my Skull & Pumpkin blog, I have an old 'Hallowe'enith' console radio that plays Hallowe'en and horror related OTR programs, so you can listen while you browse. I have some Duffy's Tavern episodes that will work beautifully on the ol' Hallowe'enith radio, so thanks for reminding me to get them up there soon!
    Beeautiful work, as ever.

  2. Thanks, Mike, I really appreciate it.

  3. I LOVE your depiction of Eddie Green. Believe it or not I am his daughter, E-mail to follow.