Thursday, November 4, 2010

Boris Karloff, once more

I have probably painted actor Boris Karloff's likeness more than any other subject. There's something about his face and voice that has always appealed to me. He was the Frankenstein Monster, the Grinch, the Mummy and countless other characters on film, stage and in radio. He was a man of professional integrity, and there are numerous accounts of his generous nature. he really got his big break in acting later in his life. He was 42 years old when he first appeared as the Monster. He struggled for years as an actor, supplementing his income by doing manual labor.

He called make up man Jack Pierce "the greatest makeup man in the business". Pierce was the man responsible for creating the majority of Universal's classic monster icons. So this painting is a celebration of not only Boris Karloff, the man under the make up, but the man who created the make up, Jack Pierce.


  1. Thanks, Mike. Appreciate it.

  2. All hail my fellow friend of our old friend The Monster!

    Beautiful, Mike.
    -Craig W.