Friday, June 17, 2011


FJA is Forrest J Ackerman. Dr. Acula. He is the man who single handedly started fandom as we know it. He was the editor of Famous Monsters of Filmland, my favorite magazine as a kid. I bought several issues, but rarely read them. I was too taken with the photos of Karloff, Lugosi, Chaney(s), etc. All my favorites were in there. Not to mention those breath-taking covers by Basil Gogos.

This portrait was painted in a looser style than I normally do. It's a fun, but challenging way to paint. It takes a lot of courage to leave slabs of color laying there without smoothing and blending them. It's also smaller (12"x12") than I usually paint portraits. Still, all in all a fun exercise.


  1. LOVE this one! It captures his fun-loving, sly nature, a grin on his face, a twinkle in his eye... just wonderful!

  2. Thanks, Mike. I appreciate it.