Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Haven't posted anything in a while. My mother passed away in March, and I found myself unable to paint. I thought this was totally irrational since she was always, and I mean always a supporter of my art. Maybe it was just the grief, and seeing the effects of her passing on other family members.

I did manage to paint this portrait of her from a high school graduation photo. Usually I remember details about painting a particular piece, but this one was done in a fog. I remember wanting to do it for my brother as a gift, but that's about all. Then came a nasty slide of three months where I just could not paint.

So I'm happy to present this tribute to her, and thank her for all she did for me as an artist. I still use the drawing board she bought me at a garage sale in the early 70's. Probably always will...


  1. Mike, I am very sorry for your loss... I still have my dear mother to visit and enjoy, bur I know the pain of losing my father and having that deadness of creative activity for some time afterward. It does go away, but it makes the grief even worse, I felt.
    Your mother was a beautiful lady, if your portrait is as accurate as they always are. A lovely piece for a difficult but ultimately loving time.

  2. Mike, thanks for the kind words. I forgot I had to set all comments to be moderated and didn't see yours until today. I appreciate your words.