Monday, October 15, 2012

Wolf Man (again!)

First of all, sorry to all those who commented on previous works. I had to go to moderating comments due to spammers, and honestly haven't checked this for a while. My apologies!

This is my latest, another portrait of Lon Chaney Jr as the Wolf Man. It's an unusual shot of him that I found whilst surfing the net. I approached this one a bit differently than my usual way. I stood up for the majority of this painting of this one, hoping it would help me loosen up a bit. I think it did, but I will leave that to the viewer to decide. I also painted a lot of the shadows in a thalo blue underpainting, and allowed it to show through a bit, especially in the rocks.

The main appeal to me in this photo was the various textures. The bark, the rock, and of course the fur all made for interesting painting. This one is 16"x20" oils on canvas board.


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