Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Jack Benny

I have been a fan of old time radio for many years. One of the highlights for me was the "feud" between Jack Benny and Fred Allen. Friends in real life, all it took was for one to make a disparaging remark about the other on his show, and you could guarantee a rebuttal on the other's show the following week. Great, fun stuff.

This was painted in oils on masonite, 16"x20".

Saturday, February 7, 2015


I've painted various characters from Star Trek in the past. This was done as a Christmas gift for a friend of mine. I believe it was 11"x14", oils on canvas board.

Lowell George

This is an unfinished piece done in college, circa 1978. I was just beginning to understand how to work in oils, and this was done on a piece of canvas paper. I like parts of it and don't know why I never finished it.

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I rarely paint without it playing in the background. It just seems to be a natural way to react to the experience by capturing those who created it in oils.

Laurel and Hardy

I have been a fan of Laurel and Hardy since I was an early teenager. In the 70's the Nostalgia Craze hit, and people were once more recognizing the genius of folks like them, as well as the Marx Brothers, WC Fields, Charlie Chaplin, etc. Saturdays my dad would take me to a local school gymnasium where they showed films by all those mentioned above.

I've painted them before in college, but was really happy with the way this one turned out. I tried to keep it somewhat loose, a constant struggle for me, and maintain a decent likeness of the boys.

16"x20" oils on canvas board.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

I've painted King Kong in the past and he's a lot of fun to portray! Lots of textures in his fur, and crevices for the light to bounce off of. I enjoy watching the original film now and then. It's still an amazing piece of work from a technical aspect when you consider what they had to work with in 1933.

This is 16"x20" oils on canvas board.

One aspect of Boris Karloff's career that I feel is severely overlooked is his radio appearances. I have been collecting these for years as I come across them. He really puts as much effort into his radio drama as his acting roles. Whether it be on horror shows like Inner Sanctum or Lights Out, or dramatic roles like Great Expectations his voice really carries the show.

This is a mixed media piece. I didn't really want to try to render the microphone, so I printed one out on photo paper, cemented it down, and painted some glazes over it. The rest is oils, 16"x20" on canvas board. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

I never tire of painting actor Boris Karloff. Easily my favorite actor, or performer. His many film roles always thrill me, and his various audio performances whether they be on radio or record are just as wonderful. He appeared many times in radio on shows like Inner Sanctum, Duffy's Tavern, or Guest Star just to name a few. He showed his intellect on Information, Please and his wit on the Fred Allen show.

This was done on stretched canvas, 16"x20" in oils. I really prefer doing landscapes on stretched canvas instead of portraits as I feel I have more control painting on canvas boards. This was a tough likeness of him to capture, and I am pleased with the final results.