Monday, September 13, 2010


This was my first attempt at doing a painting in an impressionistic style. I had known about the Impressionists for years, but really had no interest in them. A friend of mine challenged me to take another look. I did, and was hooked!! I think it's the looseness, the freedom in the brushwork that appeals to me. When you paint a portrait, there's a certain amount of anxiety in getting the likeness. It's hard to mess up painting a tree or a bush. There's still the usual things you have to get "right" in a painting, balance, color, tone, etc. but it's very freeing to paint landscapes. I've only done a handful of them in my life, but have enjoyed it immensely.

This painting is owned by that same friend who "challenged" me to give Impressionism another try. I thought it only right that he should have this one.