Sunday, August 4, 2013

I've painted King Kong in the past and he's a lot of fun to portray! Lots of textures in his fur, and crevices for the light to bounce off of. I enjoy watching the original film now and then. It's still an amazing piece of work from a technical aspect when you consider what they had to work with in 1933.

This is 16"x20" oils on canvas board.

One aspect of Boris Karloff's career that I feel is severely overlooked is his radio appearances. I have been collecting these for years as I come across them. He really puts as much effort into his radio drama as his acting roles. Whether it be on horror shows like Inner Sanctum or Lights Out, or dramatic roles like Great Expectations his voice really carries the show.

This is a mixed media piece. I didn't really want to try to render the microphone, so I printed one out on photo paper, cemented it down, and painted some glazes over it. The rest is oils, 16"x20" on canvas board.